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The Residence Halls provide shared spaces for a diverse community, creating opportunities for personal enrichment and growth. As a facility of the Ateneo de Manila, it is guided by the principles of Ignation education and university policies guidelines.

Visiting guests and students who wish to stay for a duration of not more than 3 months or outside of the regular semester schedule (Intersession, First Semester, Second Semester), may apply to stay at the Residence Halls as transients.



 Room Rates (per person, per night)

P525.00 (Quad-sharing, non-air conditioned room for males with common toilet and bath)
P630.00  (Quad-sharing, air conditioned room for males with common toilet and bath)
P525.00  (Quad-sharing, non-air conditioned room for females with common toilet and bath)
P735.00 (Triple-sharing, air conditioned room for females with private toilet and bath)

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Each room can accommodate up to two people and is furnished with semi-double beds (122cm x 190cm), study tables and chairs with overhead lamps, refrigerator, intercom, built-in cabinets and storage.   It has an in-room toilet and shower with heater, a ceiling fan and air-conditioning unit for proper ventilation. WiFi is available in each room. Bed and bath linens are also provided.

Room Rates (per person, per night) Number of nights
P 1,500.00 1 to 6 nights
P 1,200.00 7 to 13 nights
P 900.00 14 to 20 nights
P 700.00 21 to 29 nights
P 600.00 30 nights or more

If the guest wishes to have a room exclusively to him/herself, s/he will have to pay the rate for two (2) persons.

To apply to stay at the International Residence Hall, please create an account and fill-out the online form. This application form is for reservations of up to 4 guests only.

To reserve 5 guests or more, please click here.