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The International Residence Hall is a five-story, 310-bed facility for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and guests. It provides shared living spaces where local and international residents from different cultures can productively and respectfully engage each other.

Rooms in the International Residence Hall are twin-sharing with the following features:

  • semi-double-sized beds with mattresses
  • cabinets
  • study tables with chairs and bookshelves
  • an air conditioning unit
  • a refrigerator
  • Wi-Fi
  • toilet and bath with heater
  • a ceiling fan

Rate: PhP 90,500 or approximately USD 1,650— per person per semester, inclusive of P500 as ARSA* fee and PhP 2,500 monthly allowance for utilities (all rooms have their own electricity and water sub-meters).


*All undergraduate resident students are automatic members of the Ateneo Resident Students Association (ARSA). The ARSA represents all URH residents in the immediate dormitory organization and the larger University community. The ARSA also organizes several recreational and community-building activities throughout the year.

House Rules

  • All university rules stated in the relevant academic unit’s Student Handbook, particularly the Code of Discipline, apply to the dormitories.
  • Electricity and Water Conservation: Switch off the lights, fan, computers, air-con, and unplug gadgets when not needed or when you leave the room. Keep faucets closed when not in use.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Promptly report facilities-related issues and concerns to the security personnel at the lobby or email:
  • Cooking and Ironing: Cooking may only be done in the kitchenette while ironing may be done along the hallways where ironing boards are situated.
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed in the dorm.
  • Visitors: Visitors may be entertained at the lobby area only.
  • Curfew: Presently, University gates close at 10:00PM. Residents are expected to be in their dormitories before this time.
  • Rest and Quiet Study Time: Please observe silence in the bedrooms and corridors from 10:00pm to 6:00am the next day.
  • Lights Off: Corridor lights-off is 10:00pm, while room ceiling lights-off is 12:00mn.
  • Toilet etiquette: Students are encouraged to observe cleanliness in the room and common spaces in the residence hall.
  • Shared Spaces: Practice CLAYGO (Clean-As-You-Go) at all times when using the shared spaces (e.g., kitchenette, study area, dining and entertainment halls, etc.).
  • Observe proper waste segregation by using the appropriately marked trash bins.
  • Keep your bed and study space neat and tidy always.
  • Cleaning tools (broom, dustpan) are available at the hallways for use anytime. These items must be returned to their location immediately after use.
  • Call the Lobby Guard or Help Desk promptly for assistance when needed.
  • Medical needs: Call the lobby guard for first aid and during emergency situations.
  • Emergency Go-Bag and health kit: Dormers are expected to keep fully-stocked Go-Bags and health kits at all times.
  • Strictly no room swapping: Room change must be requested with the dorm administration office, subject to approval.
  • Personal Property and Valuables: To secure your personal belongings, keep your designated cabinet, drawer, and room locked when you go out.
  • Card Keys: Keep your card keys with you all the time to avoid being locked out. There is a P100.00 penalty for opening your room and P300.00 for lost card keys.
  • Room Access and Inspection: Authorized dorm personnel may enter and search rooms, bags or packages if they have reason to believe that:
    • There is imminent hazard to persons or property; or
    • There is a violation of public law or university policy; or
    • There is presence of contraband items though concealed from view.

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