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Residents may eat in the two available cafeterias: Ebai's at Cervini Hall and Ignacio Cafe at the University Dormitory. They may also have food delivered from the different restaurants outside the campus.

A full service dining hall and a cafe will soon open at the International Residence Hall.

Residents may choose from the different laundry services available: personal arrangements with accredited laundry women, a laundry service provider and coin-operated laundry machines. 

Residents have their own study tables in their rooms. They may also use the study rooms located at Cervini Hall, Eliazo Hall, and University Dormitory or the different common areas at the International Residence Hall.

Residents may cook only in the kitchenettes located in each residence hall.

Residents are invited to pray at their rooms or at the prayer rooms located in the residence halls.

Residents may relax at the Recreation Room at Cervini Hall or the Entertainment Lounge at the International Residence Hall.

The Recreation room has a full-size pool table, ping pong table, TV set and a gym. The Entertainment lounge is equipped with cable TV, foosball table and lounge chairs.

The Residence Halls have 24-hour security assistance and are equipped with CCTV cameras.

First aid medicines are available at the residence halls. There is an infirmary located at the University Dormitory and a standby ambulance for emergencies.